One Control Lingonberry Drive

One Control Lingonberry Drive

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Bjorn's Description
It is safe to say that the Strawberry Overdrive hsa been and continues to be one of the best selling BJF Series FX pedals. For this reason, I decided to expand on this models success with two other models; The Cranberry and Lingonberry.
The Lingonberry Overdrive is a higher gain version of the Strawberry Red Overdrive. In addition to having optimized control over lower gain sounds, the filtering has been altered to allow a bit more bite as well as a tighter sound. The player can adjust 3 characteristics:
Volume: Output volume
Treble: Allows to change the tone from 'soft' to 'slightly biting'
Drive: Sets the gain and distortion of the circuit.
Low: Trimmer switch that sets the low-end frequency response
- Bjorn Juhl
Manufacturer: One Control