Alexander Marshmallow Artificial Sweetener Pitch Shifter



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Alexander Pedals Marshmallow Pitch Shifter
“Marshmallow?”  That’s a silly name for a pedal, we know. But it totally fits.  Sweet, fun, and probably best consumed in small doses, our Marshmallow makes weird gooey sounds with your favorite instruments. At its heart, Marshmallow is a pair of pitch shifters that we combine and modulate in interesting ways with a variety of magic tricks.  Want smooth chorus?  No problem.  How about juicy organ tones?  Yup.  Maybe you want your stuff to sound like a cat on helium?  Yes, we do that too.
Basically, Marshmallow is a quick way to start at normal and end up at “what was that?!”  We hope you like it as much as we do.



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