Ampeg Ampeg SVT Micro Blue Set Ltd Mini Bass Stack




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While the Micro-VR may look cute, don’t think it isn’t a serious tone machine. Ampeg engineers used the burly SVT-VR as their design touchstone, and the result is every bit as capable as its larger sibling, only smaller. The head offers 200 watts of MOSFET power into a 4-ohm load—its ideal partner is the SVT-210AV cabinet, a hardy 2×10 with the same sealed Infinite Baffle design as the classic SVT 8×10 cab. Together, the rig offers authoritative, fundamental-rich tone ideal for small gigs, rehearsals, apartment living, and bleed-sensitive recording situations. And while it’s tone might be its most alluring feature; its traditional look makes it a lust-worthy collectible sure to start conversation wherever it lives.


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