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The Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz combines the sounds of two fuzz pedals in one. The Bitoun features fuzz from the Anasounds Feed Me, which is a Fuzz Face style pedal, and also features a fuzz based on the Shin-Ei Super-Fuzz, which is known for its octave fuzz sounds. The two fuzzes work together to produce tones from crisp and biting through to big, thick, octave-fuzz sounds. The controls on the exterior are pretty simple for your standard tone sculpting needs. The great part about the Bitoun, however, is the internal controls. The pedal features an easy access back panel with several internal controls for endless tweaking of the fuzz sound. Inside the pedal is two controls for fuzz, as well as controls for input impedance, octave bias, fuzz bias, and even the intensity of the light behind the logo. What appears to be a simple pedal from the outside hides a highly customisable fuzz on the inside. About Anasounds Based in Nice, France, Anasounds is a French boutique pedal company known for their overdrive, fuzz, and spring reverb pedals as well as their unique pedal aesthetic. Most Anasounds pedals feature a wooden faceplate, with a laser engraved design which gives them their signature look. Anasounds pedals use high-quality components and are hand soldered, assembled, and finished by hand in their French workshop. Specifications Weight 0.3 kg Dimensions 12 × 6.6 × 5.9 cm External controls: out, tone Internal controls: bias, feed, fuzz1, fuzz2, light, ring_f Input impedance: 85 kΩ Output impedance: 22 kΩ Power consumption: 4.4 mA Supply: external 9v dc, negative polarity. hum and noise filter inside the pedal. Switching: gold true bypass Wood: bamboo Transistors: 2n5088, bc108


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