Anasounds Savage w/Box(Used)



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The Savage, a reissue of the legendary and compelling Klon Centaur! Always so warm and powerful, we have chosen to keep this vintage electronic structure to maximize tone and dynamics. Settings The MKII model is presented in a smaller enclosure than the MKI to save space in the pedalboard. Switches and additional settings therefore find inside: Voicing, to set the tone of the overdrive stage. OD_bass, for more bass on the overdrive stage. EQ, for a tone instead of a treble in the standard Centaur. Clipping, for a vintage or a modern sound. Still in front panel : Gain, to blend saturated and clean sound & make the overdrive saturate even more. Tone, for a real tone and not a treble booster. Out, to supply more than 25dB because of the low output impedence of the circuit. Use Most use it as a boost to tweak the tubes and slamming a beautiful solo. Others prefer to color their setup by set it always ON and thus give just enough to make it sound even better.


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