Animals Pedals Rust Rod Fuzz



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Designed by Skreddy Pedals, this pink powerhouse gives you fuzz and then some more fuzz, followed by a big dash of fuzz… Modeled after the sounds produced by ’70s Ram’s Head Big Muff pedals, the Rust Rod has thick, gooey fuzz tones at virtually any setting. The distortion produced by the simple Volume, Tone and Sustain controls is quite impressive, with aggressive yet clear tones without the mid scoop some fuzzes tend to produce. The compressed sound makes your amplifier come alive, with a warmer, more inviting and classic sound than a lot of modern fuzz pedals. Plug in, turn on and you’ll have an awesome sound in less than a minute, guaranteed…unless you don’t like fuzz, of course. Keeping in line with the Ninevolt lineup, the Rust Rod Fuzz features an interesting graphic design and a bright, not-to-be-missed pink enclosure. Using a standard 9v power supply or battery, and featuring a smaller-than-usual size, it will fit in anywhere you need to add some fuzzy dirt sounds to your rig.

Location: Alma St