Diamond Analog vibrato/chorus



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Diamond Vibrato
– dedicated true pitch vibrato using MN3007 analog bucket brigade design
– magic-eye bi-color LED shows vibrato LFO rate even when bypassed
– true bypass operation
– ultra smooth sinewave LFO
– HIGH switch for increased Vibrato depth
– JAZZ switch for a darker, ‘vintage’ tone
– extended headroom internal 15V rails, can be operated from guitar and FX loop levels
– all analog circuitry with VIshay JFET’s, Burr-Brown audiophile opamps and Panasonic polyprop caps in the signal path
– variable Chrous control for blending dry signal with pitch shifted signal
– mono in/out operation
– expression pedal control of vibrato depth, allowing the player to manually swell the vibrato effect without changing overall volume
– expression pedal control of vibrato speed
– internally regulated to 15V, can be run from provided 18-24V adapter or from 18V pedal board power supply outputs (including Y-cable powering from 2 9V outputs on most pedal power supplies)
– genuine Hammond cast aluminium 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.3 inch case