Gibson 1964-65 EB-0 (Used)




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Iconic design and instantly recognizable, the Gibson EB-0 is an enduring entry in the guitar company’s long history. This is a well-loved but fully functional example of one of the finest short-scale models in the bass universe.

The electronics are dated to 1964 but most research indicates 1965 was the year they did away with the mute bar. The lack of screw hole tells us this bass never had the mute bar and the serial number dates to 1965, likely early in the year’s production. The chrome hand rest is included but there are no mounting screws. The finish checking is just gorgeous and the Heritage Cherry is still a deep red.

This was a well played bass for many years and shows signs of it’s age however. The tip of the pick guard, horn side, has been lost and the bottom horn of the guard is cracked possibly due to over tightening of the screw. The neck color has faded some but the frets still have much life and there is hardly any buckle rash.

Truss is kind of rusty, a common issue on these models, but still functional! Recent set up and output jack replacement was preformed by our technician and this beauty is ready for it’s next adventure or to take it’s place in your collection. Includes original case but it has seen better days.


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