Hughes&Kettner QT 600 (Used)



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The energy of a low-frequency impulse that you can feel physically, the hot breath of a tube amp, the sound precision of high-end studio gear. In short: perfect sound and feel when you play are the benchmark of Quantum™ bass amps. The unique combination of classic and innovative technologies makes for a new class of bass amplification that offers discerning working bass players a previously unimaginable degree of musicality, control, and transportability.

  • 600 Watts
  • Tube Touch Preamp Circuit
  • Pure Parallel EQ technology
  • Tube Growl saturation, compression and tube effects
  • DynaValve Power amp technology
  • Impedance selector
  • FX Loop
  • Line Out
  • XLR DI Out
  • Tuner
  • Headphone out


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