Martin D-28 1950 (Used)

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 1950 Martin D-28 
  We are very excited to have on offer this lovely example of a vintage 1950 Martin D-28. This is the only 1950 on the market right now and one of the best condition examples of this vintage currently available! This guitar has lots of clarity, snap and bite and growls like a good vintage D28 should!  
  The spruce top has it’s original lacquer and has aged a fine golden yellow over the years. All of the binding is original, intact and unrepaired. The back and sides are some fantastic looking Brazilian Rosewood which sounds incredible and is very resonant. The lacquer is original with typical wear, there are two minor back cracks about 2″ long each. The ebony bridge and fingerboard are original, as are the frets. The top of the bridge has been sanded down and an aftermarket flat radius saddle is currently installed with newer black plastic bridge pins.  
  The bridge plate is original but the string slots are showing their age. The bracing is original with no visible repairs. The oversized pickguard may be original (oversized pickguards were an option in the early 50s) and has shrunk slightly leaving the typical two small cracks, one of which has been previously repaired. The neck is solid mahogany with it’s original finish intact. The headstock and volute have a previous crack or break repair which was professionally done and has held up well (clamp marks are visible).  
  The neck has not been reset and it does not require one! Currently the neck has slightly more relief on the treble side than the bass and plays well. Action measures 2.5mm at the 12th fret on both treble and bass sides. The tuners have been replaced with later Grover tuners which work well and the guitar includes a vintage hard case. Serial # 117359.  
  These vintage D-28s are becoming increasingly hard to find and are constantly going up in value. This 1950 is an excellent example of the model and is in fantastic condition for it’s age. This instrument would be equally at home as a player in a studio or in a collection as an investment. When you strum open chords the guitar roars like only a Brazilian Rosewood D-28 can and will be a treat to play for many years to come!

-This instrument is available for viewing at our Alma St location By Appointment Only (call to book).
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