Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 Head (Used)



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An American clean circuit, only a footswitch away from classic and modified British sounds

The Royal Atlantic RA-100 wears an undeniable crown in the TransAtlantic fleet for delivering all this Tone with a big power gut-punch and three amazing Modes of footswitchable performance. Packing 100 watts of EL34 Brit-voiced attitude, this Atlantic takes everything you love about both Fullerton and Liverpool’s amplifier heritage and brings it all together with rich, chest-thumping high gain in the way only a MESA® can.

The Royal Atlantic RA-100’s two channels house the three distinctively different footswitchable modes. Each mode is dedicated to a region of musically-useful gain and is capable of truly iconic sounds. These are comprised of CLEAN, LO and HI and they cover the continents with soulfulness, conviction and authority…you need but plot the course and the Royal will take you there.


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