One Control Dyna Red Distortion BJFe Series



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Plug into the Dyna Red and feed it to any amplifier you have – classic UK, blackface americana, even a stereo chorus solid state amp or any other ubiquitous backline amplifier a player may encounter. While the big rock stars may get to carry multiple amp rigs, they have roadies. Many working pros have to use a variety of amps in the studio or at live gigs, and pedals like the DRD4K are a life-saver in these situations. This pedal is designed to give you a beautiful, organic distortion reminiscent of the halcyon days of early to mid 70s UK voiced amplifiers, cranked up to 10 with the tubes worn down just a little, and maybe a little “browning” of the sound with a Variac. Notes in lead solos pop effortlessly off the fingerboard, and chunky rhythm riffs seem to chug and groove with an ease of playing and an attitude that cuts through the mix.


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