PAiA 1702 Synthespin MK-II (Used)



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Comes with Boss FV-50H Volume pedal, battery to mono cable, and handwritten instructions!

For years electronic organs have used mechanical rotating speakers to produce a tremolo effect and recently these speakers have gained added popularity with other musicians because the sound they produce is totally unlike most electronic forms of tremolo.

The problem with mechanical speakers is that they are too bulky and heavy to be conveniently carried from one date to the next and their high cost puts them beyond the means of many amateur and semi-professional musicians. The Synthespin MK-II has been designed as a low cost, portable elerctronic simulator of the rotating speaker effect.

Other than the rotating speaker sound the Synthespin can produce numerous effects ranging from very slow phasing type sounds to a bubbling pseudo-reverb. Electrical inputs on the rear of the case provide for foot pedal control of both speed and range of the rotating effect as well as allowing instantaneous foot switch cancellation and bypass functions.



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