Traynor Group One SC 50W Combo Amp



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The culmination of a 4-year joint project between Yorkville/Traynor and the Federal government, this series of Traynor amps from the mid-70’s took “Innovative Technology” funding to create some great Made-in-Canada solid-state amps.  Designed headed by 4 of Traynor’s engineers, these amps were dubbed the Group Series.

The Group One SC is a 50-watt 2×10″ combo amplifier using MOSFET solid state devices, and active tone controls (very uncommon even to this day). The active-EQ circuit made semi-parametric controls possible. The Mid controls, as well as a range selector, shift the midpoint of the control knob – giving great tone-shaping capabilities.

Features 2 x 10-inch speakers

The amp has Hi and Lo inputs, onboard reverb, and tremolo.  Has a preamp out/power amp in for effects


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