Located in Vancouver, B.C. Rufus Guitar Shop has two locations both filled with a roster of highly qualified and personable instructors who teach a variety of musical styles and instruments. We offer lessons on acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitar. We also have instructors specializing in other stringed instruments such as banjo, mandolin, and ukulele, as well as voice. Lessons are available in person at one of our two retail locations or online using apps such as Zoom. All of our instructors are practicing musicians and offer a range of musical styles such as folk, bluegrass, rock, pop, blues, jazz, metal and slide guitar. Whether you are 5 or 85, we have a teacher that will get you strumming!

Tuition Fees: We offer two options for lessons: drop-in or weekly. Lesson rates are $35 per half hour as of September 1st 2022. To book a lesson or for more information please contact our lesson coordinator at 604-222-1717 Extension 3 or email lessons@rufusguitarshop.com. Office phone hours are weekdays 10-2, leave a message or email outside of those hours. To confirm a lesson time or if you are running late please phone the store directly.

Weekly Lessons: Weekly lessons are our most popular option, giving you a reserved time slot every week with the same instructor. Weekly lessons are billed by the calendar month at the start of the month with a pre authorized credit card. A registration and billing form will need to be filled out prior to booking the lessons. Once you have registered for weekly lessons they will automatically renew each month until proper notice to terminate lessons is given.

Drop-in Lessons: Drop-in lessons are booked one at a time based on availability and can not be cancelled. The tuition fee for a “drop-in” lesson is $35 for a half hour, payment is required when the lesson is booked.

Missed Lessons/Cancellations: If you are unable to attend a weekly lesson, we require 48 hours notice. With proper notice the option of a make-up lesson will be available. If a makeup lesson is not available a credit will be issued which will go towards the following month’s lessons.  Unfortunately without sufficient notice, the student will be charged for the lesson. Lesson(s) that must be missed due to an instructor’s illness or professional obligations will either be rescheduled or filled in by a qualified substitute instructor. If you decide to discontinue lessons, the regular 48 hours notice is required. Drop-in lessons cannot be cancelled. To cancel, change or end lessons please email lessons@rufusguitarshop.com or call 604-222-1717 Extension 3 for any scheduling changes and speak to our Lesson Coordinator .

Instruments: If you are unable to bring your instrument with you, we will happily lend you one for your lesson. Not applicable with online lessons

New Group Lessons with Beau Wheeler: MORE INFO HERE!



Blake McAndless

Blake is a multi-instrumentalist composer who has worked semi-professionally as a performing artist for 20 years, reaching stages throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South & Central America as either a drummer, guitarist, or singer songwriter for his original soul /folk project called the Passing Clouds. He has a degree in music studies and is currently completing his bachelors in education.
Availability:  Wednesday at Alma St Fridays, Sundays at Commercial Drive.  Group Rock Class Fridays and Sundays at Commercial.

Brian Minato

Brian has recorded with Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Wild Strawberries, DMC (Run-DMC) and more. He has toured North America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and has performed on The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show, The David Letterman Show and The Junos. Acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass and singing are Brian’s specialty.
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Not available July & August)

Natalie Kimpton

Natalie has a Diploma in Classical Music, majoring in guitar, and a Bachelors Degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University. Along with classical guitar, Natalie teaches acoustic, folk, fingerpicking, rock, ukulele and theory. Her fun personality is perfect for kids and beginners.
Availability:  Wednesday, Thursday

Dana Oikawa

Dana is a graduate of Selkirk college where they majored in composition. They have played in rock, folk and jazz bands. Dana currently plays with the Open Way church band and with singer/songwriter Melissa Mansfield and is also the coordinator of the DTES small arts grants program. Dana teaches folk, pop, rock, fingerstyle guitar and songwriting. Dana is lots of fun and great with all ages!
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. (Not Available August)

Daniel Sean

Danny studied classical guitar at RCM Regina and has performed with many high profile rock and metal bands. His specialties include classical guitar, rock, metal, folk, blues, bass and mandolin. Danny had the honour of auditioning as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, if you want to shred he is your man! Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Daniel Tougas

Daniel began studying guitar at Rufus Guitar Shop as a young student, since graduating from VCC School of Music he’s returned to teach where it all started for him. Fluent in several contemporary styles, focused on learning needs and musical goals, he enjoys working with students of all ages and skill sets, include adult beginners, and college audition prep.
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Alex Flock

Alex is a versatile guitarist, both acoustic and electric. His awards include a 3rd place finish at the 2012 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. His teaching experience includes the UBC Summer Music Institute, Alex is comfortable teaching all ages and levels in a wide variety of contemporary styles.
Availability: Monday

Robin Hunter

Robin can get your acoustic, electric guitar and singer/songwriter skills to the next level with his extensive recording and performing background. He also specializes in fingerstyle guitar, slide and lap steel for the slide and open tuning curious! Robin is the newest teacher to join the Rufus team are we are excited to have him on board!
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays only for July-Aug 2024

Matteo Verecondi

Matteo is an Italian guitarist who holds a degree from the Conservatory of music Arrigo Boito in Parma, Italy, where he studied modern guitar. He specializes in teaching Blues/Rock, Fusion and Acoustic fingerpicking. As a performer, Matteo enjoys playing a variety of different styles including Hard Rock, Rock, Funk, Soul, Folk, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and Progressive Rock. Matteo loves to share his passion for improvisation and music theory, and can tailor lessons to each student’s individual needs.
Availability: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Group Band classes – Sundays at Alma

Leah Barley

Leah is a folk-rock/roots/Americana singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing for almost 18 years. She grew up in Ontario acting and dancing in musical theater and fell in love with bluegrass and old time country when she moved to Alberta in her early 20’s. She picked up a banjo and taught herself how to play, and the guitar soon after. She’s written multiple albums, performed at JUNOFest and CBC Music, and toured throughout parts of Canada.
She has an Educational Assistant diploma, specializing in working with children with special needs, which aids in bringing a fun and dynamic approach to her lessons.
Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays @ Alma

Beau Wheeler

Beau studied voice and composition at VCC and SFU here in Vancouver and has recorded two solo records. Folk, pop, rock and vocals are Beau’s specialties.
Availability: Tuesdays at Alma St.

LQBTQ Pop Choir and Adult Songwriting Tuesday in person at ALMA
Sing and Strum- Youth and Adult- in person Sunday at ALMA



Dave Gannett

Dave is a Fanshaw Music College graduate and is our resident slide guitar expert. He teaches acoustic fingerstyle, blues, rock, mandolin, beginner banjo and ukulele. Dave performs around the city and has appeared on numerous recordings. Apps include Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts.
Availability: Online Only, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Mornings available.

Adam Willey

If there’s a job in music, multi-instrumentalist Adam Willey has probably done it. He has worked as a supporting musician for a number of Canadian bands both touring on the festival circuit, and in-studio, played in the pit bands of musical theatre productions, produced albums as a songwriter/composer, and even scored film. As a teacher, Adam specializes in guitar, bass, voice, and ukulele, and loves to dive into the worlds of music theory, and composition. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the VCC School of Music. Lessons with Adam are exclusively online and are offered using Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.
Availability: Online Only Thursday, Saturday


Lee Nichols

Lee is a guitar, bass, and ukulele teacher who studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and has been teaching music for over 17 years. Lee has toured across the country in bands such as Rallycar, backed up artists like Shawn Hook, Tyler Shaw, Patrick Masse, and more. He has also been a part of an international tribute to Journey called Absolute Journey. He has been a fixture on the local Vancouver music and festival scene for sometime, performing weekly at many nightclubs and venues around the city.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ Commercial Drive. Fridays @ Alma St

Adult Blues Group Class – Mondays at Commercial

Sangito Bigelow

Sangito received his music diploma at VCC with a major in jazz guitar. He is a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished bandleader specializing in African Hi-life, Gypsy Jazz, Classic Jazz, Cumbia, Bossa Nova and Latin Folk/Pop. Sangito loves teaching music to people of all ages and tailoring lessons to each student’s individual needs.
Availability: Tuesday

Seah Maister

Seah Maister is an accomplished musician, songwriter, collaborator and music teacher. She holds 2 diplomas and 1 bachelor degree in contemporary music studies. She has been teaching for over 10 years and performing and touring in a variety projects cover multiple genres – hard rock, R&B, soul, blues, jazz, musical theatre, etc – for over 20 years. Most notably with her band Space Queen where she plays bass and sings.
Seah teaches bass, beginner/intermediate guitar, piano, ukulele, songwriting, theory and combo lessons – singing and playing your instrument at the same time. Her lessons are tailored to each individual student with a focus on finding the fun in learning to play music!
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Also Saturdays at Alma St

Taylor Harrison

Taylor is currently studying music at VCC, majoring in jazz guitar. She has a wide range of performance experience in a variety of styles. She specializes in jazz, rock, folk, pop, neo-soul, music theory and composition. She is an experienced multi-instrumentalist and seeks to create a fun and comfortable learning environment tailored to each student’s needs.
Availability: Saturday

Cole Klassen

Cole studied at the Jennings Institute for Performing Artists for six years with a focus on musical theatre and classical voice performance, where they competed in festival performances and received RCM certifications. Cole teaches guitar, bass, voice, piano, songwriting, and music theory. In 2023, Cole completed their Master of Fine Arts at UBC’s School of Creative Writing with a focus on lyric writing. They are a great fit for students excited by lyric writing, as well as students interested in combo lessons—such as singing and playing guitar at the same time. Cole teaches music of any style in an excitement-driven fashion. They play bass in local punk band Swather and their noise punk band Tall Mary’s debut album is forthcoming winter 2024 via label Kingfisher Bluez.
Availability: Wednesdays


Jenna enjoys teaching guitar/songwriting/ukulele/bass/ and nearly every style including rock, blues and folk. She has over 18 years of teaching experience, and her teaching style is based around encouraging students to learn songs by artists that they like, which fosters an interest in practicing. Through their favourite songs, and supplemented material, she introduces and builds upon playing techniques and theory. Jenna has developed and taught several rock camps and rock programs for children and adults. Jenna’s current musical project is psych rock band Space Queen and has also released a solo album, under the moniker Ghostess.
Availability: Thursday.  Women’s Rock Group Class Thursday at Commercial