Beauditude Entropy Distortion Device – Metallic




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This device pairs a highly destructive Distortion Preamp with a set of crystal clean Frequency Modelling Amplifiers, and connects them through an Entropy Gate which can either promote or inhibit signal transmission; the result is an incredibly high gain, ripping distortion that lets a full and dynamic range of frequencies break into beautiful harmonics. The setting of the Entropy Gate allows a range of high input sensitivity (the sounds of fingers resting on strings) to almost complete insensitivity (heavy strumming required), creating long sustaining feedback to short stuttering glitches and everything in between. The frequency modelling is done via two active amplifiers, raising the Treble or Bass within the mix, and the active Volume control ensures there is plenty of signal to push your amp. The EDD uses a standard 9v power supply with a built-in charge pump that provides different levels of headroom for the purposes of distorting or remodelling the input signal.



The preamp gain level sets the distortion intensity – at very low settings the preamp will not cause clipping and is easily gated by the Entropy Gate. At higher settings, the preamp can boost the signal loud enough such that the gate only modifies the texture. In this way, the Gain and Entropy controls can be quite interactive.


The Entropy control offsets the bias of the gain stage amplifier which causes gating of the signal and a more ripping, velcro-like distortion. At extreme settings (full CW or full CCW) the gating effect is quite pronounced and sputtering fuzz-like textures can be achieved when not strumming hard. The 12 o’clock position is 0 offset and produces the smoothest distortion and the most sustain.

Treble & Bass:

The Treble and Bass controls are both additional amplification stages. Fully CCW is no boost and fully CW is a significant boost.


Set level of output signal.

Powered by a 9v centre negative 2.1mm DC input.


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