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Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine

Three Handcrafted Reverb Modes

Ledges is a compact, three-mode reverb with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control with loads of customizable options. From warm, lush reverb tones to the farthest sonic reaches of the reverb cosmos, Ledges can do it all.

Ledges was created for no-nonsense musicians who need access to a wide variety of fantastic sounds and don’t want to mess with menu diving, extra footswitches, or midi controllers. Ledges offers three distinct, rich reverbs that cover all the bases – Room, Hall and the almost infinitely regenerating Plate – with user assignable expression control and six presets to easily switch between settings. Presets can even save expression pedal assignments, making it easier than ever to save and switch between 6 unique reverb sounds.

Ledges has three unique reverb modes: Room, Hall and Plate. Each mode uses a different algorithm, tuned to give specific spatial qualities, while still sitting perfectly in the mix. Looking for harsh or muddy tones? Keep looking, cause you won’t find them here.

Room (R) has the darkest tone of the three modes. At the shortest length setting it’s like a small, boxy room, reminiscent of 80s reverb. As you bring the length up, the reflections become distant and brighter; similar to playing in a large tile room. If you hit the strings harder, it has an almost spring reverb character without becoming completely washed out. 

Hall’s (H) shortest length setting picks up where the longest length of Room leaves off. Hall shifts from a large hall to a massive cathedral with loads of soft, distant reflections that build up faster and trail off longer.

Plate (P) goes from a traditional, large plate to a nearly infinite pad of reflections that create a regenerative freeze-like effect that gradually decays. At the shortest length setting, the decay of the Plate picks up where Hall leaves off. At the longest length setting, the highest frequencies of the reverb are recirculated, generating a nearly infinite ambient pad of bouncy reflections underneath your initial attack that can go to the verge of self-oscillation. The recirculated pad can be further fine-tuned with the damping control to sit just right in the mix.

Pro tip: Ledges is buffered bypass to allow the reverb to naturally decay when bypassed. You can create a dense ambient pad, bypass the pedal and play over top of your naturally decaying micro-loop. Get 2 or 3 ledges and make a mini reverb version of frippertronics!

Ledges boasts six presets and on-the-fly footswitch preset switching, with expression control that can be mapped to different controls and can also be saved as a preset. With Ledges, saving, recalling and overwriting presets is incredibly simple and intuitive.


  • Three unique reverb modes with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control   

  • This digital unit offers an all-encompassing reverb experience

  • Mode R: Room, shortest reverb setting

  • Mode H: Hall, medium reverb setting

  • Mode P: Plate, longest reverb setting     

  • Two global operating modes which are indicated by the color of the Save/Recall switch.        

  • Green = Live Mode

  • Red = Preset Mode 

Ledges comes factory set to start up in Live Mode.


  • Silent relay-based switching

  • Buffered bypass with EarthQuaker Devices’ proprietary Flexi-Switch™ Technology

  • All analog dry signal path and a totally digital effect signal path

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Current Draw: 80 mA

  • Output Impedance: 100 Ω

  • Boxed dimensions: 5.5” x 4.25” x 3.25”

  • Out-of-box dimensions: 4.75” x 2.50” x 2.25”

  • Weight: 14 oz

TRS expression pedal wiring:

Tip: Wiper

Ring: +3.3V

Sleeve: Ground



Location: Alma St, Commercial Drive