Fender Rumble LT25, 120V

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The Rumble LT25 is a 25-watt combo amplifier with 15 amp types including models of Fender classics, other modern bass amps and preamps. It has a standard EQ just like any bass amp, with bass, middle and treble controls alongside gain and master knobs. There are 50 presets, 30 of which are built-in and 20 of which are an ‘easter egg’ built into the menu system. You have your choice of amps; 20 different effects divided into Stomp, Mod, EQ and Delay categories; and tap tempo for setting the pace of time-based effects. The effects include distortion, overdrive, compression, EQ, touch wah, modulation, reverb, delay and octave variations. A 1.8-inch colour display and an encoder knob give you access to various levels of editing control, and it doubles as a tuner display too. There’s an auxiliary input so you can play along with your favourite tracks, which is pretty standard for this type of amp these days. There’s a footswitch jack for recalling your favourite presets, and it’s constructed using a solid wood cabinet – no plywood here – for really robust sound projection and frequency response.


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