Mesa Boogie 400+ w/Road Ready 2×10, 1×15 8 Ohm 1990 (Used)




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The power and versatility of the Mesa Boogie 400+ has become legendary. This well looked after tower of power is fully equipped to conquer any stage in any city or dominate the low end of your studio. Up to 500 Watts of transient powersupplied by 12 fan cooled 6L6s deliver ludicrous punch and precision.

The Road Ready speaker cabs are ready for the road thanks to the inclusion of durable, utilitarian flight cases ensuring safe transportation no matter the vehicle. The entire rig is in great shape because it has been kept and stored in these cases for many years. Casters can be found on the 1×15 case. Ready to roll.

The previous owner has made sure to maintain the value of this unit by having it frequently serviced. It has been recapped in the past couple years by Vancouver’s David Yee. The tubes have not been extensively used since being replaced approximately 8 years ago and have a lot of life left in them. The 1×15 speaker was reconed in 2018 or 2019 at the Vancouver Speaker Clinic.

Endlessly tweakable thanks to the traditional bass, midrange, and treble controls. Add to that the 7 band Graphic EQ and you can make subtle to drastic changes to the voice of your amp. There are also brightness enhancing push/pulls on the volume knobs to allow you to cut through any mix.

An invaluable touring tool for the pro bassist or an indespensible recording companion for producers and engineers of studios great and small. Includes speaker cables and case caps for the 2×10 and the head.


Location: Commercial Drive