THD Bivalve 30 & 2×12 Cab (Used)




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PNW represent! Seattle based amp wizard Andy Marshall has done it again with the Bivalve 30 and 2×12 cab! With a last name of Marshall, you’d better be good when it comes to amps and THD does not disappoint. 30 watts but man, that’s a loud 30. Currently outfitted with a pair of 6L6 power tubes but that can be easily changed thanks to the included bonus item that is a set of THD Yellow Jacket Tube Converters usually valued around $100.

A highly versatile amp that will go from bright and clean to face melting distortion with sustain for days! High and Low channel inputs and a full/half power attenuator give players all the freedom they need.

The cab is a gorgeous, light-weight, 9-ply birch 2×12 box that has had the original THD speakers swapped for a pair of rockin’ Celestion Green Backs. Don’t worry, the original speakers are included with this package deal. Also includes a pair of 6V6 S tubes from JJ Electronic, a pair of 6550EH electron tubes from EHX.  


Location: Commercial Drive