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The Yab drive is a 3 to 1 bass and guitar effect pedal. Boost, Overdrive and Distortion in a box. Yab uses new technologies to control three gain stages with one main gain knob. The three stages are working together to make a multipurpose pedal. Turning the gain knob clockwise adds more and more gain to your sound! After the gain stages, we add a 3 powerful active bands control. Bass and Treble controls are working like  a Baxandall EQ (-15dB to +15dB) and the Mids control is an independent Boost/Cut (-15B to +8dB). The Level knob controls the amount of signal that exits the pedal. The Yab drive has about 25dB of maximum gain. For more durability, the Yab drive has a True relay bypass. Your Yab drive is good for thousands ON/OFF cycles.


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