Yamaha SG1802 – Gold Top




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Vintage SG look with a pair of Seymour Duncan SP90s. Delivers a wide palette of tone ranging from warm solo bright, crisp comping.

Body Material/ Structure

While preserving the basic structure of Maple Top/Mahogany Back and SG’s iconic double cutaway design, the body of SG1820 was redesigned to capture the sound and look which today’s guitarists want. The contoured body top curves more deeply than previous models- the top arc of the curve, the center part of the body, has optimized wood-mass to maximise string-body vibration from the bridge and tailpiece. The deep curve maintains the guitar’s optimum weight balance and enhances the SG’s stunning shape. The back contour featured on SG1/2/3000, designed for increased comfort when the guitar was played high on the strap, has been modified to a flat back on the new SGs. The new flat back design increases the volume of Mahogany to significantly increase the low-mid response and presence while reflecting ergonomics needed for the lower stance modern players take with SGs.

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SP90-3

A high-output version of the classic P90 single coil pickup utilizing perfectly balanced ceramic magnets for powerful, punchy tone with incredible dynamics and openness.


With countless custom-shop artist-specced SGs being produced with Rosewood fingerboards instead of the traditional SG’s ebony board, we selected premium rosewood for the fingerboard on the new SG’s. A warm, well-balanced tone and great feel match modern tones and playing styles perfectly.


Super-premium electronic parts are selected for the new SG guitars only after meeting Yamaha’s exhaustive testing criteria. Yamaha’s choice of the finest switches and post, the same as those chosen by pro guitar techs on stages all over the world, means that you can step on stage night after night confident that all of the little details are taken care of.


TonePros Bridge/ Tailpiece

TonePros lighter bridge and tailpiece design enhances the vibration of the guitar’s body by reducing the mass of the metal parts. The locking design ensures that the bridge and tailpiece are tightly anchored on their mounting studs for ultra-efficient vibration transfer, maximizing sustain and improving clarity.

Grover Locking Tuners

The SG’s strings are locked in place at the post to ensure zero slippage and complete tuning stability along with quick, efficient string changes.

Graph Tech Nut

Graph Tech captures the best properties of bone nuts- exceptional resonance, amazing clarity and smooth sustain – while improving on them with permanent lubrication, better longevity and easier cutting.



The SG’s headstock has been reshaped to a slightly smaller size to improve body balance. The classic “flower pot” head mark has also been down-sized to match with the new headstock size and feature traditional SG inlays, perfectly proportioned to the new, smaller headstock.

3-piece Mahogany Neck
Maple and Mahogany body
Graph Tech TUSQ Nut
Seymour Duncan Pickups/SP90-3n, SP90-3b
Grover Locking Tuners
TonePros AVR-II Bridge
TonePros T1Z Tailpiece
I.R.A. Treatment
Made in Japan


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